Perth, Western Australia - 6th to 10th January 2014

Our Team -

Our Team

Luke John Director

Luke loves linux and open source. He works with open source web stuff, and thinks buzz words like cloud, big data, real-time and cross-platform are great.

Paul Del Fante Co Vice Director

Keen communicator. Free Software/Open Source, Advocate, Web Enthusiast. Information Systems professional. Avid social business networker. Inspired Marketer. Pro community.
Been using computers for 20 years.
Linux, Free & Open Source for 13 years.

Euan de Kock Co Vice Director

Always been interested in hardware and software, electronics and programming, if fact anything that can make lights flash or play funny sounds. Love the free aspects of Linux and open source and the access that gives you to experiment and dig deep. I also do database and programming related stuff to earn money.

Michael Van Delft Treasurer

Michael is a Sysadmin with a passion for open source technology, computer security and cryptography. He loves being called the 'Treasure Arrr' because it makes him think he is a pirate.

Jason Nichols AV Director

Jason works hard and gets the job done. Jason is not only awesome technically but as a person as well!

Leon Wright Co Hardware Manager

I am self professed Geek that enjoys the company of small mythical creatures.

Nick Bannon Co Hardware Manager

Tanya Bonivento Events Manager and Planning

Tanya is a very sociable go getter, who loves to create & produce events. Suprisingly, Tanya is not limited to event management & planning she was also the Coca Cola Hula Hoop Champion at age 10. Tanya is also aware that Open Source is NOT a bottle of Rosella found next to other condiments.