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Hunting Linux malware for fun and $flags

Wiki Page: Hunting Linux malware for fun and $flags

Server-side Linux malware is a real threat now. Unfortunately, as for its Windows counterpart, most system administrators are inadequately trained or don't have enough time allocated by their management to analyze and understand the threats that their infrastructures are facing. This tutorial aims at creating an environment where Linux professionals have the opportunity to study such threats safely and in a time-effective fashion.

In this introductory tutorial you will learn to fight real-world Linux malware that targets server environments. Attendees will have to find malicious processes and concealed backdoors in a compromised Web server.

In order to make the tutorial accessible for a range of skill levels several examples of malware will be used with increasing layers of complexity -- from scripts to ELF binaries with varying degrees of obfuscation. Additionally, as is common in Capture-The-Flag information security competitions, flags will be hidden throughout the environment for attendees to find.


* Some programming experience
* Good understanding of Linux server systems (userland)
* Pre-installed tools: text-editor, radare2, gdb
* Optional: ipython, IDA Pro (proprietary)

Skills to acquire

* Live system incident response and forensics using Linux's standard tools
* System hardening
* Introduction to reverse-engineering obfuscated scripts and binaries

Olivier Bilodeau

Coming from the dusty environment of the Unix server room, Olivier migrated to big networks, open source software development in security and is now focused on malware research at ESET. He likes to reverse engineer everything that crosses his path, participate in information security capture-the-flag competitions, hack open source code and brew beer. He has spoken at various conferences, drives the NorthSec Hacker Jeopardy and co-organizes the MontreHack capture-the-flag training initiative.

Geelong 2016


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