Perth, Western Australia - 6th to 10th January 2014

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Linception: Playing with containers under linux

Project: Hammerhead

Under Unix it is generally understood that handing out root to everyone can end up being a security nightmare. This gets even worse in environments with different customers who could potentially eavesdrop on others. Luckily Linux has gained a number of features that allow you to do this and more with a tiny bit of programming or scripting.

This talk will talk about the history of containers in Linux and show how you can achieve anything from Booting up virtual machines to creating an 'Internet in a Box' as well as a few other handy tricks By the end you should have an understanding of the components that make up containers in Linux and how you can use them to do new and interesting things as well as some ideas for how they can make day to day tasks easier.

Jay Coles

Jay Coles is a Linux Admin for Anchor systems. When he isnt working on deploying servers he is hacking away with Linux and Python and doing crazy things with both. After watching Namespaces, CGroups and other security related subsystems get merged into Linux he has decided to weigh in and show that you can do more with containers than boot yet another Virtual Machine in yet another cloud enviroment