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Connecting Containers: Building a PaaS with Docker and Kubernetes

Project: OpenShift Origin

Learn how Red Hat is using Docker and Google's Kubernetes project to redefine modern application platform services. New container-centric tools for managing resources in the cloud have helped to establish new best practices, prompting a redesign of Red Hat's open source OpenShift Platform as a Service. This talk will give an overview of Docker, Kubernetes and the container-focused Atomic OS, and explain how these open source building blocks have been used to create the next generation OpenShift V3 PaaS.

Katie Miller

Katie Miller, also known as codemiller, is a polyglot programmer with her head in the cloud. Katie is a Developer Advocate for Red Hat's open source Platform as a Service, OpenShift. The former newspaper journalist co-authored the O'Reilly book 'Getting Started with OpenShift' and has presented at conferences and meetups across Australasia, as well as in the United States and Europe. Katie co-founded the Lambda Ladies group for women in functional programming and co-organises the Brisbane Functional Programming Group.