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Manageable application containers: lightning quick updates, scaleable security, easy high availability

Project: LXC, AppArmor, Pacemaker, Linux kernel (overlayfs)

We all love containers. Lightweight, container-based virtualization is an excellent alternative to the likes of KVM, and we have a large array of options to choose from: lxc, Docker, rkt, more to come.

However, seasoned enterprise sysadmins frequently balk at the idea of a self-contained operating system in a single image which, rather than ever being updated, only gets rebuilt when needed. The idea of two thousand Apache containers needing to be rebuilt because a critical library like OpenSSL has released its latest patch for an ugly security vulnerability is not tremendously appealing to most.

In this presentation, we cover an alternative approach: we use overlayfs, a fairly recent addition to the Linux kernel, in conjunction with a few configuration options to build a fully functional container environment for potentially hundreds of containers running on the same operating system distribution. We combine this with AppArmor (for mandatory access control) and Pacemaker (for high availability) to build a configuration where patches can be applied to hundreds of containers at once, with minimal downtime.

All tools presented are readily available in any contemporary Linux distribution; no magic is involved.

Florian Haas

Florian has worked in open source for more than 10 years. His main areas of interest include OpenStack, distributed storage, and orchestration. He has spoken at previous LCAs and also at OSCON, LinuxCon, the OpenStack Summit, and many other conferences. When he is not speaking, Florian discharges his duties as CEO of professional services firm hastexo (which has a strong open source focus), and also acts as a Principal Consultant serving hastexo's high-profile clients.

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