Perth, Western Australia - 6th to 10th January 2014

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Open Government miniconf

A one day mini-conference for government geeks (and geeks interested in government) to share, compare and talk about the progress of open government in Australia. Will include case studies across different government jurisdictions, an updated state of the union in this space, and some discussion about what open government could look like in 2014. It's also a day to connect government and civil society, and look at citizen engagement in government, and the progress of open knowledge, open source and open data in government

See the opengov wiki for links and to contribute your thoughts at

Draft schedule:

0900 - Main conference keynote
1000 - Morning tea
1040 - Welcome and state of the federation. Slides/notes at
1120 - Australian Public Sector Data: How to Find the Resources You Need - by Helen Ensikat. Slides at This workshop provides a practical introduction to locating public sector data and information, covering a range of online and offline techniques for hunting down the hard-to-find, the obscure, and the inexplicably hidden resources that are already available. It covers topics that include better search engine technique, the resources search engines can't see, getting the most out of public libraries, and tips on approaching other departments and agencies to request data.

1220 - Lunch

1320 - Open infrastructure - speakers about open source and standards, case studies like OpenStack, Drupal, and what FOSS brings to government
1410 - Open communities - opengov work happening in the community, getting FOSS developers and methdologies into government, building bridges between gov, community and industry
1500 - Afternoon tea
1540 - Lightening talks
1610 - Open government discussion session - a special session to discuss your thoughts on what open government could or should look like in 2014. This session will be written up and blogged to contribute constructively to current planning and thinking in Australia.
1710 - Close

Pia Waugh

Pia Waugh is an open government and open data geek, working within the machine to enable greater transparency, democratic engagement, citizen-centric design and real, pragmatic actual innovation in the public sector and beyond. She believes that tech culture has a huge role to play in achieving better policy planning, outcomes, public engagement and a better public service all round. She is also trying to do her part in establishing greater public benefit from publicly funded data, software and research.

Pia is currently working as a Director of Coordination and Gov 2.0 for the Australian Government CTO looking at whole of government technology, services and procurement in the Department of Finance.

More at