Perth, Western Australia - 6th to 10th January 2014

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Astronomy Miniconf

Linux and open source technologies are used extensively in large-scale astronomy projects within Australia and throughout the world, and to a lesser extent in amateur astronomy. The Astronomy Miniconf will be a one-day stream at LCA2014, focused on the use of Linux and open source technologies in astronomy. It will primarily focus on the technical aspects of large-scale professional astronomy projects, but will include sessions on topics of interest to amateur astronomers. Professional astronomers have been sourced from all of the major Australian radio astronomy projects (MWA, ASKAP, SKA) to give presentations on their work. To round out the programme, there will be a session on the 'citizen science' astronomy project theSkyNet, as well as sessions from amateur astronomers on more introductory topics. Most of the more technical sessions will be of interest to the full range of LCA2014 delegates, not just those with a particular interest in astronomy.

Jessica Smith

Jessica is a systems and network administrator, with a strong interest in security, data privacy, and ICT policy & management issues. As an amateur astronomer, she combines her technical skills with a lifelong interest space and astronomy.