Perth, Western Australia - 6th to 10th January 2014

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TCP Tuning for the Web

The performance of the network underlying our applications can have a dramatic effect on the experience of our users. This session will cover tuning several aspects of your application and the underlying TCP stack to deliver solid performance over the public internet.

The topics of focus will be:

The accept loop and the pain of a dropped SYN
Tuning TCP Slow Start for short lived connections
What you can do at the host level about a DoS
TCP offload engines and the unexpected tradeoffs
TIME_WAIT and the worst advice ever
SSL, keepalive, and cheating the speed of light

Jason Cook

Jason is an ops guy with a dev bent. Sometimes compared to a norse god, he loves building services and is convinced you can never have enough metrics. At Fastly he is working to deliver the fastest and most reliable CDN on the planet. Before Fastly, he was in operations at Wikia, a top 50 website.