Perth, Western Australia - 6th to 10th January 2014

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Diskimage-builder: deep dive into a ‘machine compiler’

Project: diskimage-builder

Take a deep dive tour through the plumbing inside ‘diskimage-builder’, the OpenStack golden image builder. If you deploy applications in a cloud - whether a bare metal cloud, a private virtual cloud or a public cloud, you will find diskimage-builder a useful tool for delivering them quickly and reliably.

Golden images are a common tool in deploying cloud applications: they prevent duplication of work bringing up virtual machines that have the same role, and thus save money and time.

There are already a number of ways to build golden images: Oz, Kiwi, snapshots, live-build, etc. We think diskimage-builder is at a sweet spot between complexity and feature-set and performance. This tool is used in the OpenStack Deployment project, in OpenStack Trove (database as-a-service), Savanna (hadoop as-a-service), and in the test pipeline for OpenStack Orchestration (Heat).

Robert Collins

Robert Collins is a Distinguished Technologist on the continuous integration / continuous deployment team in HP Cloud Services.

For the last 5 years he has been walking the fine line between development and operations. He is also a developer on the Debian project, and has contributed to many other projects, including (but certainly not limited to): bazaar, Launchpad, Ubuntu, subunit, testresources, testtools, testscenarios, testrepository, fixtures, zope fixtures, config manager, cygwin and squid.

Robert has been involved with open source development and Python for a number of years, with a "tremendous passion for high quality, well tested software". He has been described as a “Champion of test driven development”, and a “meticulous software developer”.

He lives in Rangiora, New Zealand with his wife & young daughter.