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Writing Openly; Open Source Documentation Miniconf

People often complain about the quality of open source project documentation. At the same time, documentation is a great place to get started contributing to an open source community.

This miniconf will explore practical aspects of Open Source documentation, and begin applying them right away.

We will (as quickly as possible) look at:
- popular markup languages (Docbook, DITA, markdown, etc)
- version control systems for writers (SVN, git, etc)
- getting started as a contributor (how to pick a project, getting an account, meeting the community, your first commit, etc)
- documentation skills and methodologies (topic based authoring, single sourcing, etc)

We'll then get started contributing documentation. Participants will form groups of interest around an open source project or community, and embark on a frenetic docs hackfest.

Tim Hildred

Tim was a technical writer at Red Hat. Before that a barista at the Linuxcaffe in Toronto.