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Writing Openly; Open Source Documentation Miniconf

This mini-conference consists of ten short talks on various aspects of technical writing and software documenation. The issues that will be covered include how to connect technical writers with projects, open-source tooling for science writers, how open source documentation projects fail and how to avoid failing, how Sven volunteered to do some technical writing and wound up with a job, the thoughts of one technical writer on aspects of Agile methodology, and open-source tools designed for the lifecycle of documentation.

Zac Dover

Zac is a Senior Technical Writer for Red Hat. He has documented Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host, JBoss applications, Identity Management, internal content management systems, container-based QA procedures, and other things that he can't remember at the time of this sentence's composition. Zac maintains a professional interest in languages, grammar, pragmatics (the study of the stuff that you have to know in order to understand what is being communicated), rhetoric (the study of how to say things in order to motivate people to do stuff), sentence diagramming, ambiguity, concision, and clear explanations. Zac indulges recreational interests in the history of technology, pinball, the causes of and methods of reducing systemic injustice, science fiction, and socks.