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Organised by Joe Robinson, Dan Macpherson, Brian Moss and Lana Brindley


Monday 13 January 2020

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The call for sessions is now open!

We understand that some people might need to know their proposal acceptance status earlier than December, in order for them to arrange time off, travel, etc. To assist with this, there will be an early acceptance window starting on 17 November 2019. If you require notice during this early acceptance window, please indicate this in the Private Abstract when filling out your proposals.

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Documentation brings value - we can break this down into change management, reduced silos, increased communication, more positive customer relationships, and education. This miniconference demonstrates the ethical imperative to support and expand documentation services within a business. Without such a documentation service, change, silos, customer relationships, and education atrophy and attenuate within a business to the detriment of all.

This documentation miniconference is open to professionals working in Australia, with invitations extended to international professionals. Following the LCA2020 theme, we are interested in the ethical impact documentation incites. We want to spotlight the ethical impact Documentation experts provide when they manage change, information silos and knowledge bases, customer relationships, Design for Users, and education.

We want to hear your stories, information, research, and ideas on documentation and ethics.

Whether you are are a professional writer, a project contributor, or just interested in the art of communication, we invite you to come along and discover the absolute value of documentation.

Presentation topics

We are accepting presentations on the following topics, and others related to documentation not listed here:


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