FreeBSD Miniconf

Organised by Jonathan Eastgate and Deb Goodkin


Tuesday 14 January 2020

Call for Sessions

The call for sessions is now open!

We understand that some people might need to know their proposal acceptance status earlier than December, in order for them to arrange time off, travel, etc. To assist with this, there will be an early acceptance window starting on 17 November 2019. If you require notice during this early acceptance window, please indicate this in the Private Abstract when filling out your proposals.

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The FreeBSD Open Source Operating System is one of the oldest, largest, and most successful open source projects, with a long history of innovation. FreeBSD descended from Berkeley Unix back in the early ’90s, with its lineage dating back 50 years to the original UNIX.

In this one day miniconf, speakers will host a series of keynotes, educational sessions, roundtable discussions, best practice conversations and exclusive networking opportunities.

The focus of the miniconf will be to share this information with the Linux community to encourage working together. While recognizing that FreeBSD is a minority in the Linux world, including their diverse voices in discussions, will help strengthen the open source ecosystem.


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