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  • Mike Bailey

    Mike Bailey

    Mike is a systems engineer with an eye for detail and a passion for unix and open source. Mike created `deprec - deployment recipes for capistrano` in 2006 to simplify server provisioning and deployment of Ruby on Rails applications. While very popular at the time, the mass migration to the Cloud called for different approaches and tools. In 2014 Mike created the bash-my-aws CLI tools to make managing resources in Amazon AWS a fluid and graceful experience. The project takes the unusual approach of using simple bash functions to provide the commands, while keeping them clean, short and readable. The past five years has seen collaboration with some key contributors that has make the project really, really cool.


If you use Amazon AWS and prefer the command line over ClickOps(TM), this talk might just make your week. For decades, the command line and shell scripts have been a core part of unix culture and preferred tools for many sysadmins. The existing unix commands that come with any linux/bsd distro, along with streams/pipelining, plain text and a lack of mouseclicks are just a few of the attractions. In recent years, ClickOps seems to be on the rise - largely due to enterprise web applications with suboptimal (or absent) CLI tools. Many of us have been spending more time in the AWS Web Console than we would like for this very reason. Bash-my-AWS is a simple but extremely powerful set of CLI commands for managing resources on Amazon Web Services. They harness the power of Amazon's AWSCLI, while abstracting away the verbosity. The project implements some innovative patterns but (arguably) remains simple, beautiful, readable and easily extensible. By emitting line oriented output instead of JSON, Bash-my-AWS commands work well in pipelines with other standard unix commands. Additionally, the commands take a novel approach to handing STDIN that greatly improves the user experience. The talk will introduce the project and describe it's novel use of pipelining to improve the user experience. Website: Git: Linux Australia: YouTube: