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  • Ben Long

    Ben Long

    After completing his PhD in Computer Science, Ben worked as a research scientist at DST, designing access control systems and data integrity models using set theory and logic. But, a bit of a performer, what he loved doing most at DST was dressing up in uniform and acting out "plays" to demonstrate how the systems worked in practice. Needless to say, Ben not only likes thinking through the logic, he likes to promote the outcomes too. But where does that kind of left-right-brainer end up? First, moving to a technical writing role at Red Hat, and then on to developer advocacy at Tiny Technologies, where he is now managing the content and community strategies. When he's not doing tech-related things, he sings tenor, collects pairs of New Balance 574s, writes picture books for kids, and plays MTG.


As technical communicators we have responsibilities - to our engineers, our audience, and to ourselves. We owe it to our engineers to be precise - to represent their ingenuity and hard work in the most accurate way. We owe it to our audience to be accessible - to be easily understood by anyone who wants to learn from us. I also believe we owe it to ourselves to be far-reaching. We have limited time in each day, and we put a lot of it into researching and writing great content. So we want to make sure it’s getting in front of as many people as possible who need it (and sometimes those who don’t know they need it until they see it). We don’t want to waste our time. We do want to make it count. In this talk, I’ll talk about precision, accessibility, and reach - why we should think about them, how we can sharpen them, and tips we can apply from content marketing strategies to strengthen them. Who knows, you may even find yourself landing in a marketing team as I have. Scary? Only at first. (I can tell you a little bit about that too.) Linux Australia: YouTube: