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  • Leon Wright

    Leon Wright

    Leon Wright is a reformed SysAdmin turned DevOps Engineer. After spending years bludgeoning others software into working solutions, he has taken to inflicting his own creations upon the world. When not flipping bits or wrangling the Comprehensive Kerbal Archive Network infrastructure, he can be found buried in wires leading to he latest Arduino project that has taken his fancy.


Mid to late 2015, when sharing mod configurations Paul Fenwick and I were lamenting over the pain of hand managing mod updates, which for me meant rarely modding games. For Paul meant learning C#, designing and writing the Comprehensive Kerbal Addon Network for Kerbal Space Program mods. The project has come a long way since the initial concept in late 2014 and the conversion from some hacked scripts into a full indexing service in late 2015. But technical debt and over triple the number of tracked mods began to really affect reliability, along with our ability to make changes. What once took our automated indexing service 20 minutes to complete a run, had slowly crept up into multi digit hours and required semi regular manual intervention. This talk will cover a bit of a peak behind the curtains of a service used by over 100,000 non developers, nearly a 1000 unique mod authors and tracking the release cycles of over 1000 individual mods. Linux Australia: YouTube: