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  • Sven Dowideit

    Sven Dowideit

    Sven has been "doing" open source for over 20 years - working on almost the full stack - from Javascript and Collaboration suites such as TWiki and Foswiki, to custom Linux micro distributions such as Boot2Docker and RancherOS. At the moment he works on building research delivery and processing pipeline orchestration systems and on FollyEngine, a full stack :D system for progressivly enhancing immersive theater events.


I was roped into helping FollyGames, an emersive theatre and performance group, to build distributed actuators to add to their experiences. Initially, to rescue a performance at the Museum of Brisbane, using Raspberry pi's, audio and NFC, and then over time, adding neopixels, UHF RFID, buttons, motors, servos and more. In and attempt to head off the joys of last minute ideas, I've been leaning heavily on using WEMOS Mini's and the shields that you can buy on aliexpress Linux Australia: YouTube: