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This talk is all about all the harder-to-measure benefits that come with choosing Koha and open source. Sure there are functional and financial benefits to choosing Koha too (it’s a modern library management system with no licensing fees) but we’ll save all that for another talk. This is a tale of a software selection process that started many years ago...Craig will discuss the conditions at AUT Library which have enabled selection of open source products, what choosing open source says about the institution’s politics and values, and what work had to be done to arrive at this place. AUT are planning for a long collaborative future with their chosen vendor (Catalyst) and the wider Koha community. Along with the benefits of local procurement and data sovereignty, the downfalls of working with overseas vendors are avoided. The talk will go into the opportunities for growth and change which are individual, cultural, and institution-wide. AUT plan to be using Koha in production by the time GoGlam miniconf comes around. It isn’t the first open source system chosen by AUT and it won’t be the last.