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  • Andy Fitzsimon

    Andy Fitzsimon

    Since the .com boom Andy Fitzsimon has fancied himself as an open source designer – one who prefers all the creative tools he uses be free to modify adapt and share. Professionally, Andy has Served as a global brand manager at Red Hat and various developer roles before joining as their head of strategy. Andy loves free typography and has overseen the creation of the many open source typeface creations, from the original ubuntu font, to Red Hat's many font contributions, to more recently the Outfit typeface. Andy lives with his wife and two children in Noosa and when not writing about himself in 3rd person, enjoys all the trappings of the being a dad.


An entertaining look into the modern world of open typography. Why fonts are the clothes words wear ( credit: Beatrice Warde) How do you make a font with free software? How do you QA a font with CI CD How do you get listed on Google Webfonts and other CDN's / Registries Developer specific typography Variable fonts and more. By the end you'll have a great appreciation for beauty in the written universe be within your terminal to your daily spaces.