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2020 saw many conferences forced into the online/remote sphere, with an exciting and scary new frontier of everyone presenting from home. Unfortunately, even almost 2 years into this, online events have largely been underwhelming: sending somebody a Zoom link to join at their presentation time doesn't warm presenters up nor lends itself to a community vibe, and the video production quality is often pretty disengaging. The good news is that if the right pieces are put into place behind the scenes, you can get AV quality levels paralleling (or even exceeding) a physical event, and you can create a highly engaging virtual space for your communities - both delegates and presenters. The trick is in implicit processes, communication, training and tools which are fairly invisible to attendees. In this talk we'll peel back the curtain and share some of things Next Day Video Australia and a set of volunteers did to facilitate conferences in 2020 and 2021 including Pyconline and