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  • Yvonne Perkins

    Yvonne Perkins

    Yvonne enjoys demystifying technology for others. She first learned basic programming at school and through her accounting degree. Now a professional writer, Yvonne uses her technical skills to explain technology simply and clearly whether through technical documentation, blogging, workshops or one-on-one tailored coaching sessions.


Our world is divided by professional, industry and disciplinary silos. At the most basic level, we too often subconsciously assume that the person who is good at maths and science will be a poor communicator, the person who has done an Arts degree will struggle with science and maths. Our world is enriched when we incorporate the ideas and skills from different professional communities. We will all benefit the more that STEM becomes STEAM by welcoming people with Arts backgrounds into our technical and business teams. Drawing on her professional journey which started in chartered accounting, then public relations, professional historical research and is now morphing into technical documentation, Yvonne will demonstrate how professionals outside the STEM disciplines are experimenting with technology and developing skills that can assist IT teams. While professional communities should be looking outward and welcoming the ideas and skills of people in other professional communities, it is also important to make the effort to enter other professional worlds. By speaking at this conference Yvonne is making that effort and is grateful to the Linux community for this opportunity. Professional communities also span geographic boundaries. In her talk Yvonne will discuss her experience learning from the global digital humanities field through online and face-to-face opportunities. Online interactions have not been disrupted by the pandemic, but face-to-face opportunities have been severely curtailed. Yvonne will discuss the implications of this for people who are seeking to cement their place in a community. It is not enough to say that we welcome others, we also need to demonstrate that we are a welcoming community by every person exhibiting the kind of personal qualities that make people new to the community feel welcome. It is also important that the newcomers in a professional community show a willingness to learn and listen. Drawing on her personal experience, Yvonne will give both good and bad examples. During this presentation Yvonne will talk about her work with digitised material provided by Australia’s GLAM sector, the Trove portal and Trove API provided by the National Library of Australia, demonstrating how these important public resources have contributed greatly to her professional development.