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  • Justin Warren

    Justin Warren

    Justin is a hobbyist programmer, mostly in Python. You may know him from such activities as yelling at the government about FOI and making silly stickers about how terrible computers are. When he isn't writing terrible code and writing submissions to government inquiries, he runs a consulting company. Justin's first Linux distro was Slackware.


If you want to get information out of a government agency, the Freedom of Information Act is here to help you! Governments can be secretive, frustrating beasts. Knowledge is power, and they don't like to share. Hear from a tech nerd how they learned to use the Freedom of Information Act to get information out of governments that they often don't want to share. You too can quickly and easily file an FOI request using online tools and get information you crave to learn about #CensusFail, #robodebt, and more! Learn the tips and tricks learned from bitter experience so you can avoid the mistakes someone else already made. Navigate the bureaucratic maze with this handy ball of string so you don't get lost, or at least not for long!