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  • Casey Schaufler

    Casey Schaufler

    Casey Schaufler founded the Smack project in 2006 after an especially heated debate with the SELinux developers on a topic now long forgotten. He has been developing secure operating systems since the late 1980's, starting the system that became Trusted Solaris and architecting Trusted Irix. He was the technical editor for the influential POSIX P1003.1e/2c security draft standard. He is currently working on the Linux Security Module infrastructure.


When we look at any community two questions naturally arise. The first is "who is in it?", and the second "do I want to be part of it?". Sometimes the answers surprise us. This is very likely to be the case when the community in question has anything to do with Open Source security. The talk will examine how developments in computer security influenced seemingly unrelated disciplines such as build process. How the decision processes of the networking community create a unique set of concerns for security developers will be discussed. How paranoia surrounding the development of cryptography code accelerated the globalization of Open Source development will be revealed. All the while pointing out communities and relationships between them that can be uplifting or rocky on a day to day basis. The presentation wraps up with predictions regarding directions the greater Open Source community with follow, how security will impact them and how they will impact security.