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  • Lyndsey Jackson

    Lyndsey Jackson

    Lyndsey entered the world of tech 12 years ago building and managing open source web projects for not for profit and government organisations. Now in the world of app development and start ups, she is now a cofounder and COO in Platfarm, an agtech company. Lyndsey started a crowdsourced web build and social media presence for #NotMyDebt which continues to provide support and awareness of the infamous Robo-debt program. This project exposed her to the digital rights community and movement. Lyndsey became Chair of Electronic Frontiers Australia in 2017.


In 2017 Lyndsey became the Chair of Electronic Frontiers Australia. Over the past two years the EFA board and volunteers have worked to increase engagement, participation, and be more effective - not easy when everyone is a volunteer. How have we reached this nexus where underfunded and under supported organisations and individuals are the key line of defense in speaking up for digital rights, security, privacy and ethics? Strengthening community partnerships has meant strengthening internal operations, and juggling the balance of keeping an organisations lights on. And that alone doesn't leave much time for deep strategy on community messaging and public engagement. How can we do better? Lyndsey entered into the world of digital rights via her campaign work building the website and social media accounts for #notmydebt, which provided a voice for people affected by robodebt. This campaign proved people do care about rights, the impact of automation, and maintaining integrity in Australian values, systems and government. Survey after survey tells us Australian's care about privacy and security, and as technologists we hold the tools, networks, and the expertise to shape a better future. Let's scope the work we all need to do, together. Linux Australia: YouTube: