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  • Xiao Yang

    Xiao Yang

    I am a linux kernel engineer at Nanjing Fujitsu Nanda Software Technology Co., Ltd. I am focusing on filesystem, persistent memory and RDMA currently.


Persistent Memory (PMEM) is a byte-addressable memory device which has not only nearly the same speed and latency of DRAM but also the non-volatility and large capacity of storage. As a result, many software (e.g database, log-based filesystem, distributed filesytem) expects PMEM as new age device. When they want to access the data on the remote PMEM the speed of data transfer based on TCP/IP is obviously slower than that of accessing PMEM. This is a motivation to access the data on the remote PMEM access by using Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA). However there are some issues about supporting remote PMEM access based on traditional RDMA, for example traditional RDMA WRITE operation has no gurantee to make persistency. In this session, I would like to introduce these issues and two solutions (RPMA and RDMA extension). Note: If CFP of OSSJ2021 is passed, this will be same talk with it.