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  • Ann Smith

    Ann Smith

    Ann Smith has worked and consulted in ICT and business projects across the public, private, and community sectors in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific for over three decades. With Masters degrees in ICT and project management she is now teaching and researching at the Australian National University, focusing on project management, leadership, and decision-making under uncertainty. Ann is a Fellow of the Centre for Evidence-Based Management, a Member of the Australian Institute for Project Management, and Senior Member and Certified Professional of the Australian Computer Society. Over the last decade Ann has made numerous presentations in industry forums, was a member of a specialist advisory group for the ACS; and has published in BA Connection and Information Age.

  • Myk Dowling

    Myk Dowling

    Myk has been working in ICT over three decades, building a broad range of skills and experience in programming, user support, network administration and most recently, event and incident management in a system monitoring environment. He has also complemented his team leadership experience with a Diploma in management and leadership. Myk has been Mission Director of the KSP-CKAN open source project for over three years. (He/him)


Some projects seem to thrive year after year. Others get forked over and over until potential contributors face nigh-impossible decisions. Some just wither away and never produce a product. What keeps one project alive while others fail to thrive? We look at an open source project in a crisis involving leadership and critical stakeholders, at how the crisis was resolved, and what the world of business research tells us about leadership. We can apply that body of knowledge to make our projects function better. Reference list available at: Linux Australia: YouTube: