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  • Ben Leslie

    Ben Leslie

    Ben has almost 20 years of experience building operating system kernels including OKL4 which is deployed in over 2 billion phones world wide, and eChronos real-time OS which helps make medical devices secure and reliable. Ben is the CTO of Apkudo, which is using robotics and AI techniques to better manage logistics within the mobile phone supply chain.


eChronos Lyrae is the latest kernel to be developed as part of the eChronos family of real time operating systems. eChronos Lyrae is a simple to use real-time operating system that targets modern 64-bit multi-core hardware platforms including both ARM and RISC-V. Multi-core provides challenges to an RTOS designer. There are important trade-offs between ease of use, implementation complexity and utilisation. This presentation will discuss some of these challenges as well as providing an overview of the kernel and where it can best be used. There will also be some war stories; OS development isn't just the outcomes, but the hardware bugs you find along the way!