Steve is a Electronic & Computer Engineer, turned Software Engineer who in recent times with the advent of "The Internet of Things" came full circle back to his childhood passion - Electronics. Steve is well known on the Gold Coast as "The Community Guy", heavily involved in the early Linux Group on the Gold Coast, then going on to run many Barcamps and Meetups in South East Queensland. He then eventually formed Gold Coast Techspace - the local makers and hacker space which has now been running for over 8 year and has many hundreds of members. It is one of the most active and sustainable tech groups on The Gold Coast. Steve is an avid user of Linux - he started back in 1994 whilst working at IBM in the UK on slackware and has ever since used Linux has his primary desktop and server OS and all his employees of his consulting company use Linux whether they like it or not! (and always grow to love it)


Steve Dalton