Rafael got his first computer in the 80', an Amstrad CPC 6128 with a Z80 processor and 128Kb of ram. Since then he has used and tried multiple different systems and vendors but his main operative system for the past 23 years has always been Linux. He has been a Linux user since 1996 and has had the opportunity and privilege to see and experience the evolution of Linux, its community and the open source movement during all these years. Rafael specializes in Linux system administration, PostgreSQL database administration, monitoring and capacity planning, automation, performance tuning, security hardening, high availability and disaster recovery. Rafael is currently working as a Chief Engineer for the Center for Information Technology at The University of Oslo. During the past few years he has been a member of the Department for Data Collection and Automation, working with system monitoring, data analytics, automation and trending. He is also the author of PgBackMan, a PostgreSQL backup manager, and Zabbix-CLI, both released as open source projects.


Rafael Martinez Guerrero