Marcus is a practitioner who has managed teams and infrastructure and then moved into education. He loves playing with tech and at short notice (3 weeks) got his RHCSA so he could teach with the RedHat Academy to his TAFE students. When not working/teaching he is studying law hoping to put Tech and Law together. It usually means a late night last minute rush, especially checking Libra office formatting. Sometimes other Linux geeks ask "why Ubuntu as your daily driver?". His reply is "because it's closer to my old Mac. It just works!" If they looked carefully the boot up screen seems to show a new version of BackTrack in the list. That's because he was a CEH but let it lapse because it's more fun playing and learning than re-certifying. Marcus' next project is going to use his Raspberry Pi's during Xmas for his lighting and has already found the shop he can get stuff from and YouTube videos to help him set it all up.


Marcus Herstik