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Do you have an interest in the Emacs text editor?

Time: Tuesday 13th January 2015, 7:30PM Venue: OGGB 4

Informal meeting to talk about Emacs.

Things we can cover:

  • What's new in 24.4 - ACLs, inotify, lexical eval, etc
  • What's going into 25
  • Marmalade is now hosted in elnode
  • Getting started with emacs
  • dotemacs tips and tricks
  • org-mode to keep yourself organised
  • magit for working with git
  • Elnode the async emacs-lisp webserver
  • How to deal with coming across from Vi(m)
  • Australia and New Zealand emacs users mailing list
  • Suggest we go for dinner together after the BoF

Please add other topics you'd like to cover.

Event Organiser: Jason Lewis

Topics we covered


We had 9 people attend. Three were vi users who came to check out what emacs is about.

  • V Spagnolo
  • Giovanni Moretti
  • James McKay
  • Nick Urbane
  • Kevin Tran
  • Uwe Geuder
  • Jason Lewis
  • Sergey Guzenkov
  • Andrew Kirkpatrick


Sacha Chua's literate org based emacs config.

Another one by Aaron Bedra.

Also see Mastering Emacs.

Andy's quick org export demos for reveal.js and impress.js.