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My contact details

Email Andrew Buckeridge <> or Andrew Buckeridge <>, but not Andrew Buckeridge <>.

Mobile 0061429370306 or +61429370306.

OpenSSL Maintenance


OpenBSD Foundation

OpenSSL is in palliative care and should be marked Do Not Resuscitate. The real fix is getting LibreSSL ready.

LibreSSL is to be a drop in replacement for OpenSSL.

GnuTLS is continued for use with Free Software. It too needs some care.

BDB versus fork in New VI version 1.79 versus LMDB from OpenLDAP

Symas LMDB:

SQLight on GitHub:

Berkeley DB SQL

Traditional VI

Old New VI


Could write FØRTRAN IV, ASA, F66 to F77+MIL-STD-1753+IEEE-1003.9 some time ago.

I have some (POSIX) AWK script and Makefile to solve the FØRTRAN 03 USE MODULE problem. Only hack required is binary output name. All hidden deps done automatically and no IDE required so you can use ED, VI, EMACS or whatever.

As FØRTRAN 03 project was ported to (Microsoft Visual) C++ rather than standard (POSIX) C the scripts are public domain and may be included in both free and non-free works. Ask if you want them.

I could fork old FØRTRAN 03 to MPL style license if I had the urge to touch FØRTRAN again!?

May be better to translate to real (POSIX) C and never touch FØRTRAN again.

One speaker, Laura Bell mentioned COBOL!