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What are Lightning Talks?

See Lightning talk article on Wikipedia

It is tradition to hold Lightning Talks during the last session of the Conference, on Friday afternoon.

What is the format for Lightning Talks?

  • 5 minutes, including presentation setup. More setup, less talky talky.
  • You will be counted down.
  • Use the table below to sign up
  • There are 8 slots available. If you don't fit into the 8 slots, you can go on the Reserve list.
  • Modifications to this list are auditable. Bumping someone else's Lightning Talk is frowned upon. No one likes #WrathyKathy.

What do I need to do to prepare for my Lightning Talk?

  • We are putting all Lightning Talk slides in one pack to make it easier to run Lightning Talks
  • You MUST email your Lightning Talk slides to
  • Your talk slides will then be added to the master slide deck
  • The slides will be all PDFd. Please send your slides in PDF.
  • If your slides are not emailed through, you won't have them in your Lightning Talk.
  • Slides must be received by Friday lunchtime plskthx.

Lightning Talk signup list

Slot Name Topic
1 Bron Gondwana JMAP - a better way to email
2 Steven Ellis Armcrafting - or how we hacked the LCA2015 prize + NZOSS Update
3 Geordie Millar StackPtr (read: Stack Pointer): Lessons learned in developing a FOSS GPS and Map sharing app
4 Katie McLaughlin Hat Rack
5 Christopher Neugebauer PyCon Australia 2016
6 Cherie Ellis GovHack 2016
7 Paul Fenwick The best software you never knew you needed, OR The world's coolest organisms (or maybe both)
8 Duncan Macneil I lied, with apologies to The Lemonheads
9 Keith Packard Generating 1MB/sec of random numbers
10 Sarah Spencer Hacking a domestic knitting machine

Lightning Talk reserve list

Slot Name Topic
1 Martin Krafft The Cloud is hip, sure, but still no reason to NIH everything
2 Jamie Wilkinson Docker Seuss
3 Arjen Lentz Something that matters
4 Paul Wayper lnav will change your life
5 Daniel sobey dnssec and letsencrypt
6 Tobin (reserved by Kathy Reid at request of Craige McWhirter) LUG collaboration
7 Marco Ostini SailfishOS by the bay
8 Paul Fenwick How popular media shapes society, and what you can do about it.
255 Paul Fenwick The Year of Linux on the Desktop! User-friendly mouseless window management with Xmonad and Haskell!


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