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I've enjoyed lunching with other LGBTIQ people at previous LCAs, and I hadn't seen anybody make any noises about it this year, so I'll stick my hand up and make some executive decisions. Last time I was at LCA, the success of lunch meant it had a few repeats during the week :)


Dan Hawke (with no more qualification than "Local Aucklander")


  • Date: Tuesday 13th January, 2015
  • Time: (12.20pm)
  • Costs: Most sit-down lunch options in the area are $15-20, we can pick a High St cafe?
  • Location: Assemble somewhere outside OGG at the start of lunchtime (I'll update this Monday night with something more specific once I've see where exactly things are :))
  • Travel: ~10 minutes walk

Expression of interest

Add yourself here if you wish, or get in touch with me off-list (in case the group gets big enough to require a booking)