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== Getting to linux.conf.au==
==Getting to linux.conf.au==
See [[Transport]]
See [[Transport]]
==Where to stay at linux.conf.au==
See [[Accommodation]]
==Conference schwag==
See [[Schwag Bag]]

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Registration information

Refer to the main conference registration page for information on pricing, ticket types and entitlements.

Registration is a three-step process;

  1. Create a new account on linux.conf.au and validate your email
  2. Make your registration selection
  3. Ensure you pay your invoice

Registrations are not valid until paid. We can accept most major credit cards.

Getting to linux.conf.au

See Transport

Where to stay at linux.conf.au

See Accommodation

Conference schwag

See Schwag Bag

What events are on at linux.conf.au?

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