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= Community Leadership Summit X at linux.conf.au =
== Unconference Resources ==
* http://www.unconference.net/unconferencing-how-to-prepare-to-attend-an-unconference/
* http://adainitiative.org/2013/10/02/running-your-unconference-discussions-effectively-adacamp-session-role-cards/
* [[Group Roles]]
== What is clsXlca? ==
Inspired by the [http://www.communityleadershipsummit.com Community Leadership Summit] run each year before [http://www.oscon.com/ OSCON], Donna Benjamin will convene CLSx at LCA to bring together community leaders, organisers and managers and the projects and organisations that are interested in growing and empowering a strong community. We invite the leading minds in community management, relations and online collaboration to discuss, debate and continue to refine the art of building an effective and capable community.
'''As an open unconference-style event, everyone who attends is welcome to lead and contribute sessions on any relevant topic.'''
The Community Leadership Summit began in 2009 in Portland, Oregon, USA, and has grown to be a key fixture on the open source event calendar.  CLS was conceived and is organised each year by Jono Bacon. He is now at Github, but was senior director of Community at XPRIZE, and formerly community manager for the global Ubuntu community and author of [http://www.artofcommunityonline.org/ The Art of Community] by O’Reilly.
Jono started the summit as a first step in helping community managers and leaders to define and refine their work, share knowledge and make connections in a vendor neutral way. And now, CLS is going global. CLSx events are local CLS style events that happen in locations around the world.
Find out more about CLS: http://www.communityleadershipsummit.com/about/
== Topics for Discussion ==
=== What should we cover during clsXlca 2016? ===
* [[CoC012|Codes of Conduct - Next steps]]
* [[Community tools]] - "Community management tools - CRM systems, voting systems. What tools are people using to build their community?"
=== What happened at clsXlca 2015? ===
* see [[Clsx takeaways]]
=== I'll be there in Geelong for 2016 ===
* Donna Benjamin @kattekrab
=== Futzing with categories and templates ===
Pay no attention to the miniconf organiser behind the curtain.
[[Category: CLSXLCA]]
[[category: CLSXLCA]]

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