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Student pricing is set at the lowest possible point by the Conference Organisers as an investment in the future of the region's open source community.

To make the most of your experience at linux.conf.au as a student, you may wish to consider the following tips;

  • Many Linux and open source companies actively recruit at linux.conf.au. If you're nearing graduation, be sure to spruce up your resume or LinkedIn page, or GitHub account and get in contact. There is usually a Birds_of_a_Feather_sessions_(BoFs) session for Jobs - referred to as the 'Jobs BoF'.
  • Many of the Speakers at linux.conf.au are in the academic community - check the Schedule for more information.
  • Follow the conference social media to build relationships with other Delegates.

Social Media

Registration information

Refer to the main conference registration page for information on pricing, ticket types and entitlements.

Registration is a three-step process;

  1. Create a new account on linux.conf.au and validate your email
  2. Make your registration selection
  3. Ensure you pay your invoice

Registrations are not valid until paid. We can accept most major credit cards.

Dress code

The dress code for the conference is 'neat casual'. Jeans, t-shirts, shorts etc are predominant. Footwear must be worn at all times. Speakers and Delegates generally choose to wear 'business casual' or more formal attire for the Speakers' Dinner, Penguin Dinner and Professional Delegates Networking Session (PDNS).

We request that for the comfort of yourself and others at the conference that high standards of hygiene are maintained at all times. The Australian summer can be very warm, and you may find that you perspire more than usual.


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