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What's a short, shareable title for your discussion topic?


Who is here? Recording this is optional - anonymity and privacy is sometimes more important when sensitive issues are being explored.

Name, community, role eg. Donna, Drupal, community working group chair.


Diversity of what? hard to define...

Things seen recently

  • People from tech schools
  • Latin & Central America

Example Event

  • Target lower decile schools
  • Encourage student from the schools to get involved
  • Use Minecraft as platform for getting people involved
  • Start with ~140, 99 finished
  • Lots of prizes for the students
  • Focus on the people who might not have the opportunities in the world to do it

What are we doing well?

Lots of discussions start on what is broken. Instead, lets start on what is working well - tap into approaches that are doing good things


  • Get students and volunteers in to the conferences
  • Assign a person to look after the students and volunteers
  • Start seeing the students again at later conferences, which is great to see

GovHack & Health Hack

  • Free childcare
  • Get a lot more people involved, makes it feel more family friendly, less techy

Make it affordable for people to attend events (eg. lower cost for students to attend)

Financial aid

  • Advertise program to everyone, no preconceptions on where money will go

Invite people to come to groups, conferences (personal email, etc). Targeting wide communities does not really work. "Welcome humans" - no gender, entirely inclusive

Projects where diversity is supported from the top down have a better success rate

Papers committee for conferences

  • Committee lacks diversity
  • Need to reach out to different groups that are under-represented

Get feedback when your talk/whatever is rejected, so you know what to improve on next time

  • System from other conference (GraceHopper) - Mandatory feedback on review of papers. Do not allow talks to be rejected without a reason, so there is always feedback. Also ensures reviewers have actually read the submission.

Dr David Ruck - The SCARF Model 5 Attributes

  • Status - important to know where we fit in a group
  • Certainty - uncertainty freaks out people
  • Autonomy - people like choice, so giving choice lets people feel like they have some power
  • Relatedness - break into groups
  • Fairness - want fairness in other people not just ourselves

Have people at events to buddy up with people, so they have a person to talk to, show them around, etc. Makes it much less scary for people to get involved.

Make everyone feel welcome. People are shy, so make a point of finding that person and talk to them. Don't point out they are standing alone, just talk to them and make them feel welcome.

A way to make hackathons better with diversity: Require teams to have a diversity of skill sets. Marketing vs Programming have widely varying levels of men vs women. By doing it on skill set, you don't get a more natural balance instead of 'forced' team structures.

Be calm when talking to people about language they might be using that is not appropriate. It hopefully leads to more people realising what the problem is.

Need more people at hackathons - people expect that means you need more developers. That is not necessarily the case - you need lots of skills.

Make the diversity stand out without having to point it out - have people front of house at conferences, etc

Encouraging girls to get involved in technology. Younger girls are being targeted for involvement so they can stay involved for a long time.

BuzzConf - family friendly event. Get everyone involved in the technology. Families commented that it was great to see other families getting involved together. Not all just about kids.


To what extent do we celebrate/highlight/etc diversity in events?

  • Do we have an award for "Best Women's team" - resounding NO

Overemphasis of inclusive language, etc can actually be harmful - may actually start excluding people. Need to work on language barriers. Intent on language instead of the word used.

Can find that the people you think would be least likely to be inclusive are actually the champions

Age is an issue. Lots of coding for kids going on, but what about including people, for example, whose industries are going away and would like to learn about software.

Things have not entirely improved for kids - many classes are still male dominated.
eg. Boy said girl was 'too stupid for this' when she was having issues with the programming He was told by instructor to not take the mouse and let her do it, which had a good result in the end because he congratulated her when she got it working.

Making an exit plan for the community - have a plan in place to get a more diverse range of people into leadership positions within projects and communities by including them in the plan for when you leave a community - they replace you.

Lets find a way to measure it - we did these things, and it had this effect. Makes people realise that we can actually effect change in a community.


Any key resources shared or created during the discussion - list them here. eg links, books, people, organisations, etc.

Actions, next steps or key takeaways

Think about diversity in a more diverse manner. Need to appreciate difference and take that into your world.