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Miniconf CFPs

Miniconf page on

Mini conferences will run on the Monday and Tuesday of LCA 2016. The call for papers for these are handled individually by the organisers of each conference.

Here's a list of the open CFPs, with close dates and links. If you are attending LCA and have a ticket, why not throw in a proposal? You can also buy a single miniconf ticket.

Open Call for Proposals

Multimedia - Open - Closes January 18 Multimedia Call for Papers

Documentation - Open - Closes ?? Documentation Call for Papers

Kernel - Open - Closes January 20 Kernel Call for Papers

Other Miniconfs

Open Cloud - Closed

Functional Programming - Closed

SysAdmin - Closed

Open Radio - Closed

Open Source and Bio - Closed

Open Knowledge - Closed

Open Hardware - No CFP

Community Leadership

Miniconf Schedules

Monday 1st Feburary

' Costa Hall D2.211 D2.193 Percy Baxter D2.212 D4.303 Costa Theatre Wool Museum
Open Cloud Symposium Open Hardware Miniconf Multimedia and Music Miniconf Documentation Miniconference Open Source and Bioinformatics Linux Kernel
9:00 Conference Opening Conference Opening Conference Opening Conference Opening Conference Opening Conference Opening
10:00 morning tea
10:40 Continuous Delivery using blue-green deployments and immutable infrastructure by Ruben Rubio Rey 10:40 - An Open Approach to Whole-House Audio (Bdale Garbee) 10:40 - introductory remarks and rerouting of people who went to the wrong room

11:00 - Zac Dover, a brief history of technical writing with examples

11:45 - Alex Settle, on working from home||10:40 - Miniconf Welcome

10:50 - TBA (Bernie Pope)

11:20 - TBA (Harriet Dashnow)

11:50 - TBA (Adrian Hecker)

11:35 Network Virtualization 101 by Sandro Mathys 11:35 - GStreamer in the living room and in outer space (Sebastian Dröge)

11:55 - Free Software in the Audiokinetic Laboratory (Tobias Brodel)

12:20 lunch
13:20 The Twelve-Factor Container by Casey West 13:20 - Qtractor and Project Management (Klaatu) 13:20 - unconference (postprandial general discussion and networking)

14:20 - Lucy Bopf, two years of tech writing||13:20 - Message from the ABACBS President (Tony Papenfuss)

13:30 - TBA (David Powell)

14:00 - Production Pathology: from spinning wheels to knitting mills (Ken Doig)

14:30 - R and Bioconductor: open source software for analysing genomic data (Belinda Phipson)

14:15 Assorted Security Topics in Open Cloud by Jason Cohen 14:15 - Real Time Tuning Analysis (Jan Schmidt)

14:40 - Why no FOSS on stage right? (Hugh Blemings)

15:00 afternoon tea
15:40 TBA 15:40 - Conference Recording 2.0: Building a Better System (Joel Addison) 15:50 - Andrew Burden, My Beautiful Jacket

16:30 - Jodi Biddle

15:40 - Applied bioinformatics using open source software (Lavinia Gordon)

16:10 - TBA (Simon Gladman, Yousef Kowsar, and Andrew Isaac)

16:50 - TBA (Torsten Seemann)

16:35 Live Migration of Linux Containers by Tycho Andersen 16:35 - Informal jam/demo session
  • ALDA: A Music Programming Language for Musicians (Jim Cheetham) [20 minutes]
  • Others TBA

17:10 - Lightning talks

18:00 Linux Australia AGM

Tuesday 2nd Feburary

' Costa Hall D4.303 Costa Theatre D2.193 Percy Baxter D2.211 Wool Museum
Systems Administration Miniconf OpenRadio Miniconf Open Knowledge Community Leadership Summit X at LCA Functional Programming Miniconf
9:00 KeyNote KeyNote KeyNote KeyNote KeyNote
10:00 morning tea
10:40 10:40 Is that a data-center in your pocket? by Steven Ellis

11:10 Samba Status update by Andrew Bartlett

11:25 5 Minute break

11:30 A Gentle Introduction to Ceph by Tim Serong

11:50 Keeping Pinterest Running by Joe Gordon

10:40 Miniconf Open

10:50 A live demo of the CubicSDR open source SDR software, Paul Warren

11:15 All Your Modem are Belong To Us, David Rowe

11:40 Project Horus - high altitude balloon payloads, Mark Jessop

12:00 Lightning talks

10:40 Miniconf open

11:05 OpenTechSchool - open learning in practice by Lillian Ryan

11:30 Open Data + Video Games = Win by Paris Buttfield-Addison

(CLSx runs no schedule) 10:40 Miniconf open

11:00 The Essential Tools of Open-Source: Functional Programming, Parametricity, Types by Tony Morris

11:40 Functional programming in Python with Toolz and by Juan Nunez-Iglesias

12:20 lunch

13:20 Site Reliability Engineering at Dropbox by Tammy Butow

13:45 'Can you hear me now?' Networking for containers by Jay Coles

14:05 5 Minute break

14:10 Network Performance Tuning by Jamie Bainbridge

14:30 Real hardware: you get to keep the pieces, but they're pretty awesome pieces by Rob N

14:45 Pingbeat: y'know, for pings! by Joshua Rich

13:30 Tutorial - Embedded sensor data with Lora radio modules, Andrew McDonnell

14:10 Using the OpenRadio as RF test equipment, Kim VK5FJ

14:40 Panel/Discussion

13:20 Open information: Documenting data and methods by Rhydwyn Beta

13:45 Prying Open Government - An Introduction to Freedom of Information by Dan Hawke

14:10 Internet Archive: Universal Access. Open APIs by VM Brasseur

(CLSx runs no schedule) 13:20 Data made out of functions by Ken Scambler

13:55 The Emperor’s New Closure: FP in Javascript by Nick Moore

14:30 Practical Functional Architecture by Jed Wesley-Smith

15:00 afternoon tea

15:40 The life of a sysadmin in a research environment by Eric Burgueo

16:00 TSAR (the TimeSeries AggregatoR) - How to Count Tens of Billions of Daily Events in Real Time Using Open Source Technologies by Anirudh Todi

16:20 5 Minute break

16:25 Creating bespoke logging systems and dashboards with Grafana, in fifteen minutes by Andrew McDonnell

16:35 Ergonomics of Automation by Jamie Wilkinson

16:50 Order in the chaos: or lessons learnt on planning in operations by Peter Hall

17:05 Sysadmins: present, past and future by Javier Turegano

Mini field day; hands on demo, radio orienteering and more

15:40 Prospects and pitfalls in open demography by Fred Michna

16:30 TBA

(CLSx runs no schedule) 15:40 Swift Functional Programming by Paris Buttfield-Addison

16:15 Haskell is Not For Production and Other Tales by Katie Miller

17:05 LIGHTNING TALKS and miniconf close

18:00 Professional Delegates Networking Session


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