Unprofessional Delegates Networking Session (UnPDNS)

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The seventh annual (except for the year we couldn't be bothered to get up for breakfast) unprofessional delegates networking session will be running on Tuesday evening.

  • When: Tuesday night (when the PDNS is on).
  • Where: Eastern Beach Reserve, just before the Beach House.
  • What: As is traditional, a barbecue! We'll be selling barbecued food and soft drinks.
    • Food: Barbequed food, with both carnivore and herbivore options, probably wrapped in a bread product. Possibly some sort of salad. We'll see. $5/head.
    • Soft Drink: Coke, Coke Zero, Solo, Lemonade. $1/can.
    • Alcohol: Strictly BYO only; selling alcohol is in contravention of various state and city laws, and we're too pretty for jail. Note that Geelong City Council laws do not permit alchol consumption after sunset — try to plan to be done about 8:40. (You can always move on elsewhere, of course.)
    • All (any?) profits will benefit the conference charity.


Please add your name so that we know how much food to buy. If you are vegetarian or vegan, please add a (V) or some other note below so that we buy enough vegetarian food!

  1. Christopher Neugebauer (runs the UnPDNS, but refuses to acknowledge it)
  2. Adam Harvey (will probably be collecting money)