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The Adapter Exchange

A place to for those needing adapters and those having adapters to… connect

Speakers will often need adapters to connect their devices to room projectors. Sometimes they won't have one that suits the setup at LCA. Delegates often bring adapters with them to LCA. Sometimes they might be able to help out speakers who don't have the one they need.

If you've brought along (an) adapter(s) with you, please list them here along with the contact method you're most likely to be monitoring during the conference so that a speaker who needs it can contact you quickly.

If you're a speaker who needs an adapter, please list it here. You never know.

= Don't know which adapter you need?

The looking at this helpful document.

In-room video connections

All rooms will only have HDMI (input) connectors.

A/V Team Available Adapters

  • mDP to HDMI are available.
  • HDMI to VGA converters are available on request.

Adapters Needed

Please group by adapter type as you're editing


  • Adapter needed: adapter_type
    • Needed by: name/nick
    • Contact: contact_method
  • Adapter needed: Displayport or VGA to HDMI
    • Needed by: Martin Krafft / madduck
    • Contact: IRC, or

Adapters Available

Please group by adapter type as you're editing


  • Adapter available: adapter_type
    • Available from: name/nick
    • Contact: contact_method