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Persenters vs Presenters

Hi Lin, just wondering why you're maintaining a link to the misspelled Persenters Resource Page on your profile page, which has a hard redirect to the properly spelled Presenters Resource Page? You asked me some time ago to move the misspelled one and fix the problem. As I replied to you back then, I cannot move pages, as I do not have Administrator privileges. You, however, do have the magical wiki wand, and can wave it yourself to fix this problem. ᏜᏠᎶᏠᏑ 08:59, 29 December 2014 (AEDT)

Glen Ogilvie has just given me admin rights on the wiki, and the first thing I did was delete that unsightly misspelled page. Sorted! ᏜᏠᎶᏠᏑ 17:25, 2 January 2015 (AEDT)
I've left the hard redirect page for Partners Programme to Partners' Programme alone, as it makes sense for delegates looking for it without the apostrophe. ᏜᏠᎶᏠᏑ 17:30, 2 January 2015 (AEDT)

Stuff for wiki

Assortment of content I'm chucking on this page. HOpefully someone can take some time to put it in the righ tpages etc.

Some stuff todo here in the r/auckland FAQ and r/nz faq

Maps: either Open streetmap or google map If someone is creating them


Countdown quay st is open 24 hrs But no alcohol overnight (can't remember what time they stop+resume selling alcohol - 11pm or midnight)

  • Countdown metro on Victoria St (opposite elliot st) is probably the closest.
  • New World on Queen St (opposite Shortland St in the former BNZ food court)

Both Countdown + new world is smaller than the countdown in Quay St + New World at Victoria Park.

  • they all have stuff for gluten free, egg free, dairy free, vegetarian diets (eg gluten free breads etc). They also have butchery, bread, deli, etc. just the smaller ones have not as big range.

Lim Chhour (sp) asian supermarket on 184 K'Rd (behind k'rd foodcourt) and Tai Ping Beach Rd are 2 closest asian supermarkets to the venue.

Japanese Mart at Wyndham St

Speciality foods

SUpermarkets do have a lot of the organic, dairy free, gluten free(incl bread + pasta), sugarfree , and food for special diets. However there's other shops too. Eg if the bread/pasta/biscuits isn't in the bread/pasta section, check for the supermarket's speciality section or ask staff.


Vegans may like The Cruelty Free shop on K'Rd

List of where to buy vegetarian/vegan products in Auckland

List of vegan + vegetarian wines + beer

There may be a few other smaller producers who may be vegan/vegan but didn't get themselves certified.

Gluten Free in NZ

List of Gluten free products in NZ GF Manufacturers

(there used to be a manufacturer's database but link I have for it isn't working atm)

Gluten free beer


Good selection at supermarket. Those that won awards usually have a label.

  • Kapiti Cheese + Icecream shop

19 Shortland St, Auckland CBD

  • La Cigale market - there's some french cheeses sold there.

Bakeries in town

Best pies

Prob good for ppl going on the roadtrip and wish to have pies along the way

Cake shops

Whole cakes, don't need to order

18 High Street or 328 Queen St. opposite Carls Junior. lists address, phone numbers + hours Lovely choc mousse cakes, chiffon cakes. whole cake, also by slices. Website has pics + range


I like markets as they are a good place to find the best NZ local produce (especially the farmers markets). "Farmers market" in nz means things they sell has to be made/grown within a certain radius of the market's location. They tend to be organic or spray free too. Authenticity

  • Britomart Farmers market on Saturday
  • Parnell Farmers market - behind the jubilee building on Sundays
  • La Cigale French Market in Parnell. on Sat + sundays St Georges Bay Rd. Can walk from carlaw park accommodations. Doesn't comply with "farmers market" rules. La Cigale (the shop which started the market) has imported french cheeses and wines as well as other kitchenware. However there's many stalls there that would comply within the NZ farmers market regulations.

Very very good market. There's a gluten free sausage stall there too.

  • Friday night market at Wynyard quarter

Further afield (for travellers) the Matakana market on Sat morning is worth visiting if you're on the way to visit the marine reserve at Leigh.

  • Wellington City Market- there's a foodies market on sunday

FB + Twitter


This pharmacy is in the same bldg as Countdown. It is open 9am - 9pm 7 days a week (unlike the one at uni which closes around 5pm.

Quay St Pharmacy

Countdown Building

76 Quay Street Auckland Central

Phone +64(9) 280 6197 Fax +64(9) 374 4577 Email:

Store Hours Open 7 days 9 am to 9 pm

Campus pharmacy

The Campus Pharmacy sells cosmetics, general medicines, toiletries, sports products, stamps, and phone cards. It also processes film and is an agent for NZ Post.

Ground floor, Kate Edger Information Commons City Campus

Phone: +64 9 373 7599 ext 87935 from

Doctors lists their fees as $80 They are close (by the old railway station on Beach Rd) I rang to ask $85 for tourists (Same as the casual + not enrolled NZer + NZ PR) (by St Patricks Square)

Note: Casual + not enrolled applies to any person going to a GP that isn't their normal GP. So applies to ppl who travel from out of town.

Marine reserves near Auckland

Leigh + Cathedral cove


  • Paintball
  • 10 pin bowling

both at sky city entertainment centre on queen st.

  • Swimming - tepid baths, parnell pools. IIRC Both have casual rates
  • jogging - check email I sent to chat list on jogging
  • Fergs kayak