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We're considering having a Parallelism and Concurrency BoF, for experts and novices alike. It'll most likely be quite informal, with a chance for professionals, enthusiasts and newbies to network and discuss current technologies and application.


Thursday evening, before the speaker's dinner. Depending on numbers the BoF may retire for a dinner and/or drink at another venue afterwards.


Currently unallocated.


Parallelism and Concurrency!

Potential topics are:

Automatic parallelisation / Parallelisation in Declarative Languages
Paul's Thesis
Mercury Programming Language
Plasma Programming Language (WIP)
Xeon Phi
Software defined radio (SDR)
Async IO
Cloud vs HPC
Async IO
Thread safety, critical sections, mutexes etc.
Python parallelism and concurrency
Clockwork - State based Language with full Concurrency
RCU - What is it?

Feel free to add more!

Who is organizing this

Paul Bone
paul at bone dot id dot au
Boney on (
 faulteh_ on (

Persons Interested in Attending

Birds of a Feather sessions (BoFs)
Autonomous Robots Emacs Ingress Interval Training Kerbal Keysigning Libre Social Media Parallelism Perl Queer Running Taswegian Bibleopoly