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* $75-$90
* $75-$90
* http://taxi.co.nz (pre-paid taxi)
* http://taxi.co.nz (pre-paid taxi)
= Around Auckland =
= Around Auckland =

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Airport to Venue

Auckland airport has busses, shuttles and taxis available. Note that the Auckland domestic and international airports are about 1 km apart, so ensure you take order a taxi to the correct location.




Around Auckland

Central City Busses

The LINK busses loop around the city anti-clockwise. There are three routes all at a reasonable price:

  • City LINK - Red, $0.50, every 7-10 minutes. This goes up and down Queen St.
  • Inner LINK - Green, $2, every 10-15 minutes. This goes around the CBD (Central Business Area) and out to New Market.
  • Outer LINK - Orange, $2 to $4, every 15 minutes. This goes up and down Queen St.

Busses going further

There are many other busses that go out to the suburbs, see the Auckland Transport (AT) website for more details.

Tip: Google maps directions work well with the Auckland Transport system.

Parking at venue

Link to FAQ question