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{{DISPLAYTITLE:<span style="display:none;">User:</span><span style="text-shadow:gray 0.2em 0.2em 0.2em;"><font color="#703931">'''Augur'''</font></span><span style="display:none;"> </span>}}{{User:Augur_./box|About Me|My name is Robert Frittmann, but most people know me as ᏜᏠᎶᏠᏑ. I live in West Auckland, and I've been involved in the maker movement and the free/libre open source software community (as an end-user) for a number of years now. I currently have Lubuntu 14.04LTS installed on all my home computers, and I have an Android smartphone. I've been using Linux exclusively since about 2008. This will be my first LinuxConf, however.}}
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{{User:Augur_./box|Wiki Support|I'm the wiki wrangler for LCA2015, and I'm happy to help delegates and presenters alike with their wiki editing questions. The fastest way to contact me for wiki support is via my [[User_talk:Augur_.|talk page]]. Alternatively, you can contact me via [https://twitter.com/Frittmann Twitter]. Sorry, I don't do Facebook. If I don't know the answer to your question, I'll tell you that straight away, and will then do some research to try to find an answer for you.}}

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