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===For assistance if you are a Volunteer===
===For assistance if you are a Volunteer===
Email [mailto:volunteers@lcabythebay.org.au|volunteers@lcabythebay.org.au].
Email [mailto:volunteers@lcabythebay.org.au].

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To register as a Volunteer

linux.conf.au is a grass-roots, community-driven event. It needs bright, enthusiastic people - like you - to make it a success!

Volunteering at linux.conf.au 2016 is a great opportunity, and can be deeply rewarding. On a more practical note, volunteering at linux.conf.au can add to your professional portfolio in many ways - making this an ideal opportunity for students or recent graduates.

  • Meeting exceptional people - many of whom are recognised experts in their field and industry luminaries
  • Great networking opportunities with people working in the free and open source community
  • Gaining practical, hands-on experience and skills in event management, customer liaison, public relations and operation of audio visual equipment - which are invaluable to future employers

The for Volunteers went out in early October.

For assistance if you are a Volunteer

Email [1].


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