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<includeonly><small>< [[Main_Page|Main Page ]]{{#if:{{{1|}}}|< [[{{{1|}}}|{{{1|}}}]] }}{{#if:{{{2|}}}|< [[{{{2|}}}|{{{2|}}}]] }}{{#if:{{{3|}}}|< [[{{{3|}}}|{{{3|}}}]] }}{{#if:{{{4|}}}|< [[{{{4|}}}|{{{4|}}}]] }}</small></includeonly><noinclude>
{{Trail|Programme|Miniconfs|Community Leadership Summit X}}
[[Category:Navbox Templates]]
== Description ==
This template provides a simple breadcrumb trail for the wiki. This is a navigation tool to make it easier for delegates to return to any previous page in the trail. Do not include the current page in the list of parameters / parent pages.
Implementation of this template needs to be consistent and hierarchical to avoid any confusion. If you have any questions about the use of this template, please contact [[User:Augur_.|Augur_.]]
== Usage ==
== Social Media ==
'''NOTE:''' This template is best used when placed at the very top of the page.
At its simplest, just add <nowiki>{{Trail}}</nowiki> to the top of your page in order to get a quick link back to the [[Main_Page|Main Page]] of the wiki. To add more levels, simply add them as parameters, up to 4 of them, giving the name of the page as it appears on the wiki. Remember, you don't need to add the current page to your parameters, as delegates won't need to go back to the page they are already on!
== Example ==
<nowiki>{{Trail|BoF Sessions}}</nowiki>
Produces the following trail...
== Discussion ==
<small>< [[Main_Page|Main Page ]]< [[BoF Sessions|BoF Sessions]]</small>
== Actions ==

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