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(Things to do in and around Geelong)
(Tourist attractions further afield: MORE!)
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* [http://www.winegeelong.com.au/wineries/ Geelong and Bellarine Wineries]
* [http://www.winegeelong.com.au/wineries/ Geelong and Bellarine Wineries]
* [http://www.adventurepark.com.au/ Adventure Park, Wallington]
* [http://www.adventurepark.com.au/ Adventure Park, Wallington]
* [http://www.visitgreatoceanroad.org.au/ Great Ocean Road]
* [https://beachsafe.org.au/beach/vic283B Regional Beaches]
* [http://www.visitvictoria.com/Regions/Geelong-and-the-Bellarine/Destinations Government tourism site]

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There's plenty to do at linux.conf.au, and the surround Geelong region.

What events are on at linux.conf.au?

Hallway track

One of the most beneficial parts of linux.conf.au is the 'hallway track' - where lots of conversations, exchange of ideas, and building of friendships occurs.

Things to do in and around Geelong

Geelong has plenty to do in and around the CBD, and further afield to the Bellarine Peninsula.

Tourist attractions in and around Geelong CBD

Tourist attractions further afield

NOTE: In order to reduce alcohol-fuelled violence, many nightclubs around Geelong enforce ID scanning upon entry.


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