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Internet Access

At the Conference Venue

Throughout the University of Auckland, there will be an additional SSID available to conference delegates. This will be advertised at all campus locations where there is normally WiFi access, including the OGG Building.

The Wireless network will give delegates unfiltered Internet access via NAT.

  • Wireless SSID: LCA2015
  • Protocol: 802.11a/b/g/n 2.4GHz and 5GHz. 802.11n 5GHz recommended.
  • Password: This will be given to delegates

University Accommodation

Carlaw Park

Wireless access is provided with the same parameters as in the conference venue.

University Hall

Wireless access is provided here in common areas only.

Please note that wired network ports in the rooms are connected to the University ResNet, which requires a University ID and authentication to connect to the Internet, and so should not be used.

Other Accommodation

For Internet access information in other accommodation not provided by LCA, please contact the accommodation provider. Many hotels will offer wifi internet, but prices may vary. You will likely find getting a local 4G data plan faster and more reliable. See Phone and mobile data.