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There are 3 major mobile network operators in New Zealand:

All offer pre-paid SIM cards which can be easily obtained and require no paperwork or registration.
All operators now offer 4G in limited areas, which should cover most of Auckland CBD.

  • gsm 2g 900, 1800 MHz - Vodafone / 2Degrees only
  • umts/3g
    • 850, 2100 MHz - Spark / Skinny
    • 900, 2100 MHz - Vodafone / 2Degrees
  • lte-fd 4g 700, 1800 MHz
    • Very Limited 700MHz at present

Note 2degrees for data NZ$99 for 12GB. For a mix of data/calls/texting all operators offer a similar NZ$19/mth pre-paid plan with Unlimited texting, 100 calling minutes, 500MB data.

Note Vodafone Travellers SIM for $49 with 2GB Data, and for a lot of our attendees from outside of ANZ it will probably include minutes to call home. Check your countries Vodafone website

Note Spark Travellers SIM for $49 is similar to the Vodafone offering.

Note Skinny also does a competitive package, with $4 for a sim that comes loaded with calling time (within ANZ), texts and mobile data.

Note Spark (Telecom NZ/XT) does have 1GB data on WiFi per day across NZ starting at $29

Note Spark / Skinny share the same broadcast frequencies and have NO 2G Network