Biosecurity and Customs

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  • Read carefully. Includes having to clean your shoes, sporting, camping, hunting, fishing, diving and recreational gear.

Items to declare

  • Prescription Medication

If you have prescription medication you need to bring with you, you ned to declare it in your passenger arrival card and do the following:


Quoted section:

Personal imports (accompanying a traveller)

If you arrive in New Zealand carrying prescription medicine on your person or in your luggage you may only bring it in if you:

  * Declare the medicine on your Passenger Arrival Card.
  * Have a copy of the medicine’s prescription or a letter from your doctor stating that you are being treated with the medicine.
  * Have the medicine in its original pharmacy container, with your name on the label, and strength and dosage details clearly stated.
  * Have no more than three months supply (oral contraceptives, where a six month supply is permitted, are the exception). 

Info for Australians travelling overseas with PBS medicine